The AJAX Office

ajaxLaunch is a site notifying us all about the latest releases in the range of online office applications which are the brainchild of Michael Robertson, the chap who brought us all Linspire – a Windows-user friendly linux distro.

So far we have had ajaxWrite, a word-processor; ajaxSketch a drawing package aimed at diagramming and flow charts; ajaxXLS, a spreadsheet; and ajaxTunes, a music player. Also included on the site is eyespot, which is an online video editor.

ajaxLaunch will announce a new package each week though, so it is well worth keeping an eye on.

These are intended as direct competitors to MS Office, and indeed other desktop based Office suites, rather than trying to outdo the likes of the excellent Writely or IRows. That is to say that the files that these programs produce are saved on your desktop or network – not online. This means that one of the principle benefits of online working – the ability to collaborate with others on a document – is missing; and also that you have to carry your USB key around with you still.

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