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Kekcoin Team

Satoshis Cat - Founder & Core Developer

I believe that blockchain, and more broadly distributed ledger technology, has the potential to disrupt domains including finance, government and global business, making progressive changes to systems that would not change without these new technologies. I have been researching this technology as an academic for the past two years focusing on scalability, side chains and security - and I’m pursuing a PhD focused on Blockchain. I aim to use what I know and learn to develop unique and exciting upgrades and use cases for Kekcoin and for the wider cryptocurrency space.

There are only so many happenings before even the most rooted of skeptics have to take a step back and admit that meme sorcery truly has transcended cyber-reality and consequently had a dramatic impact on the real world. Once I was lost, but now I’m based, eager to see moar, eager to play my part in the religion of peace, eager to please our ancient Egyptian God of Chaos.

Alaniz - Technical Consultant

I am a well-known blockchain developer and cryptocurrency community member having years of experience developing, trading and maintaining blockchain related projects. I am also the Radium Core Developer & Community Manager. I'll be helping the Kekcoin team throughout the airdrop phase and have helped set up the distribution / airdrop portal. I will also be a technical consultant for the team.

MrUls - Assistant Developer

"A fifth-dimensional being sent to this plane in order to spread the holy word of Kek. A belligerent apostle of the deity himself, my sole purpose has been to rekindle the dormant belief that each and every one of us posses through any means necessary.

Having been pleased by the number of followers we have amassed and the level of meme achieved, I thought it time to sufficiently reward the followers of the almighty. Hence, I joined forces with other messengers of Kek to create Kekcoin. What better way for our overlord to benefit his zealots than through PoS, where disciples will be rewarded with Kek for being one with Kek.

I can answer any queries you may have, share wisdom or give blessings via many mediums of communication. Telegram is preferable, however I am also contactable by whispering “praise be Kek” five times into a fire during the full moon."

Lorenz - Community Manager

"A true believer that's been around since Kek awoke from his/her/it's slumber in the void. I've witnessed Kekistan become a materialist nation built on t-shirts, that has lost its spiritual beacon and stagnated.

Kekcoin is here to offer you liberation; put your passion into your memes and reap the rewards. Kek is the herald of a new golden age, bringing humanity out of the Kali Yuga and ending Moloch's reign over our material realm.

Feel free to contact me on the kekcoin telegram if you have any questions, be they regarding the project or our Great Lord, and I will answer to the best of my capacity. Praise Kek, and shadilay."

Cryptxo - Web Developer

I have 20 years of experience as a lead software engineer, with focus on web development and new technologies. I'm an expert in server administration and security. A Geek who wants to connect cryptocurrencies, as the future of money, with modern web applications to make mass adoption of blockchain a reality. I see great value in the MemeChain project as a second layer crytpo platform. This type of technological innovation will take decentralised applications to the next level.