LED Diamond Painting

Diamond Painting

The LED diamond painting is a kind of diamond painting with led on the back of the diamond painting. Once charge with the power, the led will shine through the beads and looks vividly. Without the led turned on, it will look like a normal diamond painting. The LED diamond painting is the best gift for the children.

Led Diamond Painting

On and off, you will have different effect. Beautiful in the night.

Diamond Painting Gifts

If you want to bring some little gift to your friend, there are some kinds of diamond paintings that you can choose from. The first one I would mention is the diamond painting keychain. It is easy to bring with and with careful design.

Most of the diamond painting keychain is designed specially. Therefore, you can also call them bedazzled diamond painting.

Diamond Painting Keychain

The second would be the diamond painting greeting cards. The diamond painting greeting cards are greeting cards with the diamond painting on it. You need to first finish doing the diamond painting and then give it to your friends. If your friends are the same as you, I mean, diamond painting lovers, this gift will be the best one.

The DMC Color System of Cross-Stitch and Diamond Painting

You may wonder why the diamond painting is also called diamond cross-stitch or diamond embroidery. The reason is simple. Firstly, they all follow a pattern to finish some artwork. Secondly, they use the same color system, i.e, the DMC color system. So the people who did cross-stitch before will naturally call it diamond cross-stitch.

The DMC color system is a complex system made by the DMC company. They use this color system to name their threads. The diamond painting inherits the same color system of cross-stitch. There are 489 colors in the system.

Due to the limitation of the colors of the system, it will not be good for a color complex picture and hence you will see some color distortion from some finished works. That’s normal and you don’t need to worry too much.

A portion of dmc color chart in Diamond Painting

If you encounter the missing beads issue from the diamond painting you have ordered, you need to report the DMC color number to your seller for the missing beads. The symbol on the canvas is not accurate.

Make Your Own Paint

For some reason, you may not find the picture you want in the store. Or you want to make your picture into a diamond painting. Then you need the Custom Diamond Painting or Make Your Own Paint.

For the make your own painting, you can send your picture to the seller and they will turn your picture into a diamond painting and send it back to you. Most of the time, you don’t need to worry if the picture is ok for the custom diamond painting or not. But there are some cases you need to take care of before sending it to the seller.

Firstly, the picture could not be too dark or with too many dark colors. The 310 DMC color will be all over the picture and all for you the recognize the details. For example, a black dog in a dark environment.

Secondly, the picture size should be large enough if you have many objects in the picture. For example, if you want to make a picture holding 3 people inside, the minimum size would be 60*80cm. If you have a size smaller than this one, you will have no detail at all. It will be just pixels only.


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