Kekcoin is a peer-to-peer proof-of-stake cryptocurrency created to serve the internet community. Segregated witness support makes Kekcoin one of the most advanced PoS cryptocurrencies on the market. Kekcoin aims to be a revolutionary advancement in meme technology, and strives to fund projects that align with the will of Kek. Kekcoin wishes to expand the global awareness of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology by funding curation and dissemination of dank original content. The Kekcoin Core team wish for this to be a community driven project. This is an open source project, and community contributions are welcomed at every opportunity!


The Kekcoin blockchain will form the base layer for a new platform called the MemeChain. This platform is a censorship-resistant ‘blockchain of memes’, where the hash of each meme is stored in the Kekcoin blockchain and the data of the images themselves are stored on IPFS. This platform will have a simple developer interface to allow for easy MemeChain integration into their web application (or subreddit/twitter/telegram etc.). There will be a global view of an immutable history of time-stamped authored memes. Artists will be able to prove authorship and existence of their content. A small number of KEKs will be required to create the transactions which allow the image data to be embedded into the blockchain.


Pioneering meme technology, IPFS integrated meta meme hashchain DApp


Advanced PoSv3 codebase with segwit and hierarchical deterministic wallets.


Community driven cryptocurrency, telegram meme chat bot, community bounties.


  • Coin ticker: KEK
  • Total supply: 21M KEK
  • Circulating supply: ~11M KEK
  • Consensus mechanism: PoS v3.0
  • Minimum stake age: 8h
  • Coinbase maturity: 66
  • Block time: 1 min (10x faster than BTC)
  • Difficulty retarget: 22 min
  • Default port: 13337
  • RPC port: 13377
  • PoS coinbase reward: 1 KEK


  • ~10-15% annual staking reward
  • Segwit enabled
  • Headers first sync
  • Hierarchical deterministic wallets
  • Coinmarketcap API wallet integration
  • Native block explorer wallet integration
  • 80 byte OP_RETURN
  • Initial distribution through airdrop
  • Meme bounty competitions
  • Bitcoin-core 0.13 codebase


  • Cryptopia
  • Crex24
  • Bisq DEX

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