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May 23, 2000 – Greenville, SC – Game announced today the debut of their AvantGo channel for Palm and CE portable computing devices.


Game Rankings is the first gaming channel to join the AvantGo network, providing gaming content on the go. “I use AvantGo every morning to get the latest news, stock quotes, weather, sports scores, etc.” says Scott Bedard, President of Game Rankings. “I would be reading all this news and was disappointed that there was no gaming related channels to read. I like to complain about things, but hey, why complain about something when you can fix it!” Bedard then contacted AvantGo and began working on a channel that would inform users of the latest gaming news, reviews, previews, columns, release dates, top ranked games, sales data, and more. “We then contacted GamePen and Operation Sports and added in their latest news, reviews, previews and columns. Eventually we will add even more sites’ content and have as much content as a magazine, only ours will update daily and still be as mobile as traditional print media.”


The AvantGo channel is available at, or you can add it by searching for Gaming on AvantGo’s website (


About Game Rankings

Game Rankings ( is a website that catalogs game reviews from both online and traditional print media for multiple game platforms, including the Sega Dreamcast, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo 64 and PC. Over 21,000 reviews for over 1500 games have been cataloged. As new reviews are entered the engine recalculates all the scores for each game to come up with an average, taking into account sites that score with letter grades, stars, or other non-numeric methods. The games are then ranked according to their score, so that users can quickly find what the best game in each specific category is. Users can sort, and filter the data numerous ways to find just what they are looking for. Game Rankings also lists previews, cheats, files, news, links, screenshots, sales data, release dates and user votes for each game.


A highlight of Game Rankings is the “Game Watch” feature. Users can add their favorite judi slot  games to the Game Watch page and can easily see any new information that has been added to the database for all the games in one place! Acquires The Massively Multi-Player On-Line Game, Terra: Battle for the Outlands


May 17, 2000 – Palm Desert, CA ( has announced the acquisition of the massively multi-player on-line game, Terra: Battle for the Outlands. Terra is a futuristic tank game that allows players from all over the world to login and battle in a variety of vehicles including tanks and helicopters. Players can also form guilds and build forts to control territory in the on-line world where the battles take place. has stated that in-house developer; Sphinx Studio will handle continued development for Terra.


“We were impressed by the technology behind Terra,” said CEO Robert “GunJam” Salinas. “ A key motive in acquiring Terra was to prove the network technology behind’s gaming ISP. Our company is comprised of hardcore gamers, and we see a lot of potential to move Terra in new directions and incorporate our technology into Terra and other on-line game projects.”


“In 1995 the people behind developed the first online 3-D Internet-only game, WarBirds,” said president, Ali “Aliwood” Bokaiyan. “During that development we learned ways to optimize the internal and external network for on-line gaming. Compared to traditional ISP’s, which are optimized to handle web traffic, is optimized to handle “game” traffic. We are taking that experience and applying it to our network at”


For more information about, visit For more information about Terra: Battle for the Outlands, visit, or contact




Established in 1998 and headquartered in Palm Desert California, is a multi-faceted company focusing on developing Internet technol



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