Microsoft browser heads insecurity league

Bruce Schneier drew my attention to a fascinating piece of research on the relative insecurity of different web browsers. He summarises the findings thus: The researchers tracked three browsers

The AJAX Office

ajaxLaunch is a site notifying us all about the latest releases in the range of online office applications which are the brainchild of Michael Robertson, the chap

Another reason to ditch Microsoft

Like many recent viruses, Nyxem tries to spread by making people open attachments on e-mail messages that are infected with the destructive code. The subject

Creating Presentations with MagicPoint

This article started as a review of the interesting “MagicPoint” presentation package for UNIX/X11 systems, but ended up discussing some wider themes as well. I

eComStation, The Next Great OS

Meet eComStation eComStation — Is it eCommunications Station? Maybe eCommerce Station? I’m not sure, but it’s certainly built for both. eComStation is the next great operating

Opera 5.12 Browser

I’ve been using this for years now, since version 2.x. It is available both “free” as adware, and in an uncluttered version for around $40.

Image Manipulation Program

GIMP GIMP, the GNU Image Manipulation Program, is a serious, powerful, practical image processing program that rivals the famous Adobe Photoshop. Not that there’s anything

living without microsoft

K Desktop Environment I am an avid technophile. I currently have an iMac with Mac OS X and Mac OS 9.1 and an HP Pavilion

Living Without the Desktop

Dave Briggs points out that it’s increasingly irrelevant what operating system you run on the desktop, as long as you have a good web browser…

Office Suites

There are many alternatives to Microsoft Office. I’ve taught for many years advanced MS Office skills. I still teach Word, Excel, and Access. However, most