168 Winner Hits $10,000 Jackpot at BingoMania


ANTIGUA, St. John’s — One lucky Bingo Maniac has a new appreciation for the number N39. When N39 was called last night at 8:39pm, player “Shannon ME” hit a whopping $10,000 Jackpot in the New Bingo Mania High Roller Room at http://www.bingomania.com.


“Shannon ME”, a mother of three from Maine, had played with Bingo Mania for several months and always hoped to be present when the $10,000 High Roller Jackpot hit. “I had no idea it would be me,” she said.


Ironically, only a week before, Shannon’s lucky number, N39, had gained her another coverall win at her local bingo hall. “The jackpot was over $4,000 but you had to hit it within 49 calls. I hit the jackpot on the 50th call. I still won a jackpot of over $500, but I was disappointed not to hit the big one.”


Shannon’s disappointment was replaced with joy at her good fortune last night. A frequent chatter, Shannon immediately came into the High Roller Chat Room after winning the jackpot to share her good fortune with fellow chatters as well as her family. She was playing only six cards, a total cost of $6, at the time of her win.


“I had two balls to go from the fortieth call… The $10,000 jackpot finally hit on the 47th call. I just couldn’t believe it. My first reaction was panic. I just kept saying ‘Oh My God.’ I couldn’t type.”


Shannon’s not the only player to win big at Bingo Mania this month. Bingo Mania continues to earn the reputation among online bingo 168 players as the best place to win large bingo jackpots online. Shannon’s recent win marks the fifth time a player has hit a coverall jackpot this month alone at Bingo Mania. Bingo Mania’s $1,000 jackpot has been won four times since May 1st, giving Bingo Mania the distinction of having more jackpot winners this month than any other online bingo site.


“We are pleased to have so many players win jackpots this month at Bingo Mania. We’re fortunate to have the loyalty of so many players and we hope their lucky streak continues, ” said Bingo Mania’s General Manger, Stuart Gordon.


The first ever Bingo High Roller Room was launched by Bingo Mania on April 7th of this year. At a dollar a card, the High Roller Room is open nightly with hourly coverall jackpots of $10,000. The High Roller Room has been popular with all levels of bingo players, due to its large bingo jackpots.

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